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Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide complete Aikido environments, where we all practise Iwama Ryu Aikido, think deeply about our responsibilities and rights, and know how to access positive and productive states of being, so we can become better people.

Objectives :

  •    To provide positive stress and challenge for students and teachers to reach their full potential - physical and mental
  • To provide powerful methods for protecting ourselves from the disadvantages both inherited and adopted by our society

Everyday, arm yourself with life skills, act with integrity, then calmly trust in the result.
Field Aikido
Student Commitments

Riai - Iwama Ryu Aikido is a Riai, an integrated martial arts system comprising of Bujitsu, the techniques, Budo, the code of conduct, and Bushin, the heart and mind. All three must be practised in an Aikido school in the tradition left to us by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba OíSensei.

Students are required to agree to the following : To be open to learn, and improve in all three areas of the Riai. To practise in a safe manner, respecting the level of experience of training partners. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. To attend a minimum of two classes weekly. To make reasonable effort to attend all black belt gradings. To make reasonable effort to attend all seminars & camps. To maintain and make proper use of all Aikido equipment. Not to use Aikido techniques offensively inside or outside the dojo. Not to bring Field Aikido into disrepute through their words or actions. Not to make unwanted or illegal advances towards other students. Not to attend any non Field Aikido martial arts events without permission from their Sensei.