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Common Dojo Phrases

Abunai (ah-boo-nye) - Watch out! Be careful.

Arigato gozaimasita (ah-ree-gah-toe go-zye-mahsh-tah) - Thank you for what you did. (spoken at the end of practice)

Do itasimasite (doe ee-tahsh-ee-mahsh-teh) - You're welcome; don't mention it.

Dozo (doe-zoe) - Please; as in go ahead. (This may be an instruction from your teacher when he wants you to begin practice after demonstrating a technique)

Gomen Nasai (goe-mehn nah-sigh) - I'm sorry; forgive me.

Hai yame! (hi yah-meh) - Please stop! (This will be said by your teacher during keiko when he wants you to stop)

Hajime! (hah-jee-meh) - Please start. (This will be said by your teacher when he wants you to begin; often said with emphasis.)

Konban wa (cone-bahn-wah) - Good evening.

Konnichi wa (cone-ee-chee-wah) - Good afternoon.

Mokuso! (moke-sew) - Please come to attention; make yourself ready for keiko. meditate! (This will be said in the form of a command by your Sensei or Sempai at the beginning of class and the end of class just before the ceremonial opening and closing bow respectively.

Ogenki deska? (oh-gehn-key- dehs-kah) - How are you?

Ohaiyoo gozaimasu (oh-high-oh-goe-zyemahs) - Good morning.

Onegai shimasu (oh-ney-guy-she-mahs) - Thank you for what we are about to do. (Spoken at the beginning of practice.)

Oyasumi nasai (oh-yah-soo-mee-nah-sigh) - Good night. (As in leaving.)

Sayonara (sigh-oh-nah-rah) - Goodbye.